Fate with a Twist

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that all people are put in your life for a specific purpose? Is it God that places people in your lives or sends you to specific places for some reason or another? Or is our “fate” based on the roaming of the planets? Or does everything happen by chance and we (humankind) are truly in full control?

I used to believe that “everything happens for a reason.” I don’t believe that anymore. I think perhaps some things happen for specific purposes, but not everything. I believe that sometimes things just happen and you decide what to do with the situation and/or people. I think that maybe it’s a mixture of things that help us along our paths.

I believe in God. I believe in astrology. I believe in choices.

A lot of Christians are uncomfortable with astrology/horoscopes. Do you not believe that God created the planets? Is it so unreasonable to believe that the movement of the planets may influence our lives?

I’m a Virgo.

Anyone who actually knows me would agree that I am absolutely a Virgo.

The moment I began believing that the placements of the planets truly do affect us was on the night of my 28th birthday party last year. My birthday is on September 11th but my friends were throwing me a party on September 6th. Before I even went to the party I could feel that the energy was off and I had an uncomfortable feeling in my gut. The party was probably the worst party I’ve ever had. My guy friends were being little sociopaths and treating me like I was shit. At one point I was drunk and a guy friend (who was very sober) tried to pressure me into a foursome. He kept doing this until another guy friend made him stop. He ended up leaving without even telling me bye, happy birthday, anything. Jane had never been drunk in her life, but she got drunk at this party and it was very uncomfortable for her. She cried and was a completely open book, discussing things she typically would not and then she yelled at a guy and threw him out of the house (for good reasons, though). I was so overwhelmed and confused by the whole night. Later that week I was watching a Youtube video that had to do with my horoscope for the week. Apparently, September 6, 2015 was a very bad day for the Virgos, in particular, with relationships. After this, I began to believe in the legitimacy of the placements of the planets. Btw, I ended up going out on my actual birthday night and having probably one of my best birthdays ever. It was a happy night for this Virgo.

I wrote in my previous post Hookup Culture, I talked about the fact that I felt a strange connection to him ever since I met him and always had this feeling that we would be together in some way, at some point in our lives, even though when we met he had a girlfriend. Through the two years I’ve known him, every time I saw him I would hear “it’s not time yet,” and I would shove those feelings down and tell myself to be patient, which has never come easy for me, but I was willing. I somehow knew that when it was “time” he would be the one to show it. Finally, it happened. He began to tell me and people who are close to me that he thought I was attractive. I still heard that voice though and knew I needed to be patient and not be the one to pursue him. I didn’t see him often, but every time I did, it was during a specific time that the planets were placed just right. Every…single…time. We had this crazy, strong, sexual energy between us that I’ve never felt with anyone before. That voice that always told me it wasn’t time yet also told me that if I sleep with him now, we wouldn’t be in a relationship later, so the choice was mine. So even though the planets are lined up in a specific way and may influence our lives, we still make our own personal choices. The day we did end up sleeping together was on a day that my sign was being affected strongly in a sexual way and could either bring a fling, or a beginning or a relationship. Well, I let myself hook up with him and now things are complicated and I don’t know that we will be able to fix things or if we will ever get into a relationship.

I know that I have experienced something with him that I’ve never experienced before and it’s unexplainable. I believe that there is a specific reason he is in my life. Perhaps “fate” or God brought us together, perhaps the planets were constantly lined up just right every time we were around each other, but we also made choices. Is this the end? Is it the beginning? All I know for now is that this is where we are. There is no going back in time. If anything is going to happen, it cannot be forced and I need to return to being patient, or perhaps just moving on.

More and more I am made aware of what truly influences our lives and that we really need to be cautious in the decisions we make during certain times. After we hooked up, I looked up horoscopes for Virgo for March and the entire year of 2016. What I found was very interesting to me.

The first thing I read was this: “Pluto is in the place of one-night stands, flings, and outrageous affairs and you, the staid and conservative Virgo, are more willing to take a chance than you ever have been. It just could be that you’ve released some of that romantic abandon you keep such a tight lock on and this allowed you to draw in someone new. March 8th a Solar Eclipse in Pisces shines its light on someone’s true character—good or bad—and there’s no turning back. There is no better time to leap into an affair or to purge anything that seems toxic, than under the rays of an Eclipse. It’s similar to a romantic time bomb and yet with Neptune hovering over you, you could meet someone who has all the attributes of your dream man. The inner journey you are about to embark on is all about love and sex, or sex and love—you can’t decide the priority just yet. Most likely the September 1st Solar Eclipse comes close to bringing you the unexpected chances in direction and new spin on love you are yearning for, and it appears that the rest of the year is that blissful time of being in love.”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

So there’s that, I guess.

So here’s to 2016! I hope it is a successful year for all of us. Just keep in mind that no matter what life brings us, we make our own personal choices and even if we don’t have all control over what influences our lives or what life brings, the actions and words we choose lie in our own hands.


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