Inside the ADHD Mind

I am sitting in one of our 50 billion Starbucks in my area and just realized I forgot my headphones at home. And I also forgot to take my medicine. For a while I attempted to work on my school work for my Counseling Career Development class, but reading my textbook with people all around chatting (some in other languages), music playing and my own thoughts distracting me, feels impossible.

Let me take you inside my mind for a moment. I’ll write out everything that runs through my brain while trying to focus. 

Where is this really loud man’s voice coming from? I really wish he would stop being so loud. What is he even saying? Is he trying to be rude? What the hell is so funny? Good for him, though, I guess. He’s getting to enjoy his day with a friend. I really wish those guys that are speaking in whatever language they are speaking in would…….I wonder what that girl was just laughing at. Door slammed…someone went to the bathroom? Is this the typical place people go for interviews? I need to drink some more of my water. Blue is such a good color. That lady is wearing a cool color of blue. Omg this guy next to me cannot continue tapping his foot. He’s wearing a wedding ring. He was awfully friendly before. I wonder if he would have an affair? Not that I want that…weird…just I wonder if he is that type of person. That kid’s outfit does not match in the slightest. Kids don’t care though. But for real though, why do so many men cheat? Or is that just my perception because of my experiences? GAH that machine is SO loud and now some other dude is speaking so loudly because of it. How do people actually focus? What is it even like to have a brain that…ahhh the trees are blooming…a brain that works properly? …I love the purple flowers. I wonder what this one dude is listening to on his ipod? He’s enjoying it, that’s for sure. Bob that head, man! Get into that music! I would love to be listening to……man I loved the show the other night my friends played at the bar…I just wish I hadn’t made some dumb decisions…that…ugh what was I going to say? My best friend just sent a facebook message that says “lol.” No clue why because I don’t remember what we talked about, but that took my mind off my dumb decision……dude that guy’s voice is seriously so deep and loud. 

Alright, that’s enough for now. In case you don’t know what ADHD is like, or you wonder whether or not you have it, maybe this gives you a peek into what the brain is like for those of us with it. Like, seriously, this paragraph seems to be taking forever to write.

I guess I’ll go home and get those headphones now. And take my medicine.


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