Single and Pregnant?

In my first post Hookup Culture, I talked about my recent hookup with this guy and how it has been a little bit complicated/confusing. I said that we didn’t use protection and now I have to take a pregnancy test.

2 days.

Two more days until I can take a test to find out. These past weeks have seemed like an eternity. I am about 99% certain I am not pregnant. But what if I am? How could this change my life? How will “David” respond? How will my family respond? Will I have to quit school and get a job and move out on my own? If I think about it too much I panic. There’s no way I can do this on my own. He’s a good person, he would want to be a part of the child’s life. Would he want to be with me if I am pregnant, or no? I don’t know much at all about this guy. 

I will honestly be completely shocked if I find out I am pregnant. I’m not going to say that there is no possible way because you can’t really be 100% certain, can you? But I’m still telling myself I’m not, just to keep myself from panicking.

Use protection. Unless you guys want a child, then don’t. If you’re just hooking up with someone, or you and the other person haven’t decided you want children, use some protection. Use your brain and tell your hormones to chill the F out for a second and let you think things through.

How did this Virgo get in this situation? I think through everything. To a ridiculous and unfortunate amount, actually. The planets shifted in just the “right” way for this Virgo to throw caution to the wind and climb in the backseat of a car outside of a bar with a dude she isn’t even dating. It was pretty exciting and fun, but jeez louise these consequences have been stressful.

Here’s to the single moms who keep their shit together. Keep it up, loves. You’ve got this.


9 thoughts on “Single and Pregnant?

  1. I cannot express to you enough how much I LOVE your blog, and each and every post you write. I’ve been searching for a blog to follow that I could relate to and who I can feel for and I totally found it when I stumbled across your posts! You never lose my attention or interest in your writings and I love the reality type feel your blog has. I really can relate to you, keep writing I’m a big fan! P.S I’m a virgo too 🙂


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    1. Thank you SO much! That means a lot and I love meeting my fellow Virgos! 🙂 I’ve been having so much fun writing. Also, I’ve been enjoying your blog as well! I followed you the other day and I’m excited to continue to see more posts from you! Thanks for the encouragement!

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      1. It’s really interesting, right?! I thought it was all ridiculous and fake up until about 2 years ago. It makes sense to me that the movement of the planets could play a part in what is going on in our lives! I don’t think that they control what happens, but they certainly influence us and those around us! I hope you enjoy learning more about it!


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