Single and Pregnant? Pt. 2

Today has been a very emotionally up and down day. The past few days I’ve been going to bed really hungry and nauseated and waking up feeling very nauseated. I was incredibly irritable all day today because of feeling sick to my stomach. My stomach keeps gurgling, even when I have already eaten. I’ve been having cramps randomly throughout today, tonight they are worse than they have been all day. I’ve also been fighting fatigue and having frequent urination.

I Googled these symptoms and a few other things…apparently this is the week that pregnancy symptoms would start showing up. All of these things are symptoms. I also read that after conception there typically is some white discharge, which I remember happening one day, about a week after I slept with David and apparently semen can stay for up to 6 days inside of you.

I began to panic while I was reading all of this. 

Holy shit. This could actually be a thing. I could actually be pregnant from hooking up with a friend…drunk…in my car…outside of a bar. This is not reality. I don’t ever do this kind of stuff. The one time I do something crazy I gotta go and get pregnant? No. This cannot be true. 

And it may not be true. Tomorrow is the very earliest I can take a test to find out. It’s possible that this still may be too early? I don’t know…but my best friend and I went to the store and bought tests tonight and on her lunch break I am going to her house to take the tests.

Holy. Shit. 

A Virgo friend found out she is pregnant today. Surprise for her! The planets are definitely doing some things for the Virgos so far this year. All year I’ve been hearing from my horoscopes that there are changes taking place. I have also been noticing triple numbers every day and when I’ve looked up the meaning behind these numbers, they usually talk about a coming change and embracing it.

Is this real life though? Because I’m just not sure anymore.

Well…Single and Pregnant Pt. 3 will be up soon, I guess!

Until then…Keep it positive, friends!


5 thoughts on “Single and Pregnant? Pt. 2

    1. Haha thanks! I hate to say that I hope I’m not either because if I am then I will love that baby and try to be the best mom I can be, but this is certainly not the situation I would want to bring my child into. You live and you learn though, right?! But I do hope that this will not be the way my child comes into the world.

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