Single and Pregnant? Pt. 3

Yes, there is still a question mark in the title after the word pregnant. However, I did take my first test today and it turned out negative! I am going to take the second test on Friday morning because today was the very earliest I could take a test and just to be sure of the answer I’m going to wait a couple of days to test again.

Don’t get too excited just yet. I’ve said that to myself over and over again.

The thing is…even though this is absolutely not the way I would choose to bring my child into this world, if it is how my child comes into the world, then it is what it is. No matter how or with whom I have a child, I will love it and strive to be the best mom I can be.

But for real…I went out and got me some condoms and you better believe that my go-to-line is going to be “don’t be silly, wrap the willy.” Because I’m not trying to be in this situation again. Ok, maybe I won’t say it quite like that, but you get it. I’m allergic to latex. Super great, right? Well, Target sells latex-free condoms now! And the Heaven’s rejoiced! Because of the fact that I’m allergic, I think it’s fair that I provide my own condoms from time to time.

But also…maybe I won’t be joining in on our “hookup culture” after all. Some people can handle it, and some cannot. I guess I am one of those who just can’t quite vibe with that part of our generation. After the super bad bladder infection and me still not being completely sure if I am pregnant or not, I don’t think it’s quite worth it.

Though sometimes I think about the sex and I’m like “shooo who cares! let’s do it again!” Haha…no. I’m going to need the planets to shift a little bit so that this Virgo can get her shit together. I complain about being too analytical and just over-thinking everything…but man, there has to be a balance somewhere, right? Like…sure, throw that caution to the wind! But also, wear a damn condom.

I guess that’s it for now! One more test to take on Friday morning and then hopefully I will feel confident in my answer. Breathing a slight sigh of relief for today though.



13 thoughts on “Single and Pregnant? Pt. 3

  1. You should take a blood test to be completely sure. That is the best way to tell, however when I got pregnant I took 3 tests and they turned positive before I could even set them down on the counter, Lol So for me a blood test wasn’t really needed but it’s required by the obgyn anyways. There wasn’t any turning back after that, but I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world. Everything happens for a reason.

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      1. To be honest I was already 6 weeks along when I found out so I don’t think my answer could help you much. I’m sorry. But some symptoms you would have at first is extreme tiredness and moodiness, (I was soooo grumpy) extra discharge then normal, and breast tenderness isn’t as common as early on as you are but it could be. How long has it been since the intercourse if you don’t mind me asking?


      2. According to Google they say that it is recommended to take the test 21 days after intercourse for the most accurate result. Do you know how long till you were supposed to start your period or did you just end before you did it with him?

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  2. Having a few decades on you, and having gone through the exact scenario you’re describing (multiple times), let me say this regarding this post and the others like it. We (you and I) have similar personality types and this personality type, I’ve discovered, creates a very real dilemma for us sexually when it comes to empowering ourselves. We are sensible and logical…smart girls…but have a continually running dialog inside our minds about what will and will not offend or upset people. Will it upset him if I ask if he has protection? How far do I let him go before I bring it up? What if he thinks I think he has some disease and it hurts his feelings? The question would, eventually, get asked of course but not until the crucial moment and, most often, resulting in the exact thing you are writing about here. Perhaps I’m wrong and you do not have that inner dialog at all, or maybe it is much less than mine was. Either way, it is good to carry your own (fyi, I am also allergic to latex and had to carry the latex free).

    I think you’re taking the tests a tad early, but I say take as many as you want to make yourself feel comfortable. Your brain won’t let it go anyway, so if it eases your mind and you have the money go for it. But, if you can’t take it anymore then go to the doctor (or planned parenthood, or the local health clinic) and ask for a test.

    Children enter into the world in many ways…each different than the next, and all with a particular beauty of their own. It is their story, the one that sets their path in motion. How can there not be a beauty in that, regardless of circumstances? You have a strong support system and I have zero worries in your abilities as a mother, single or not.

    Love you dearly, call me anytime.


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    1. Haha you’re absolutely right about the continual dialog and being afraid to offend or upset someone. Those are literally the thoughts that run through my mind in those situations, but because of this particular situation, I definitely went out and got some latex-free condoms and put them in my purse.
      I’m going to wait and see if I start my period this week. If I don’t start, then I will either take a test again or just go to PP and take a test and be done with the wondering.
      That’s true! This would be their story of how they came into the world and there is beauty in that! It will be great to let them know the story of how they came into the world haha.
      I was just telling a friend that even though this may be a seemingly backwards way of going into a relationship (if we do eventually get into a relationship), I wouldn’t have it any other way. People have joked and said “ya know, he could have taken you on a date first…” True. But what if I didn’t want him to? Does that make me a “slut” or “just like a man?” It takes two to tango. I could have said no. Who knows, maybe we won’t ever end up together, and that will be ok! But if this is the story of how our relationship begins, I’m really okay with that.
      Thank you for believing in me and supporting me! Love you!

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      1. My view is, who wants to read book after book that all have the very same beginning? Certainly not me. Besides, Jon and I decided to get married after knowing each other for 2 weeks, then married at 4 weeks…and it’s been 18 years. Everyone gave me grief back then, but he’s still around so they don’t say much anymore. You’ll always have my support no matter what you’re doing. Forge your path, girl, that’s what I say! 🙂

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