Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s weird that I go back and forth on my blog between being a bit serious–talking about religion and psychological things–to talking about my drunken nights, hookups and just random shit like that.

Like, some people have themes and just stick to that, which is pretty cool and helpful! But the whole point of my blog is to just share who I am and hopefully figure myself out a bit along the way, too.

Anyways, when I first started the blog, I wasn’t even considering gaining followers or that people would find what I write about to be interesting. I just started it because I love to write and get my thoughts out..especially since I’m an over-thinker. It’s helpful to have a place to word-vomit a little bit.

I hope that my stories/ideas/fears/etc. are all things that different people from different walks of life can either relate to, learn from, or share some guidance with me.

But, overall, this is me. I’m a little bit weird, I’m a little bit sarcastic, I like to party every once in a while and do something crazy, but I’m also a serious grad student who is fascinated by psychology, spirituality and astrology.

Traveling is another passion that I haven’t discussed, yet. I’ll have to share some of my stories from abroad soon.

Anyways, tis the life of a single millennial–just trying to make her way in this world!

Here’s to making mistakes, making memories, learning lots of life lessons, becoming self-aware, and telling you all about it.

I hope you enjoy traveling along with me!



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