A poem for my soul sisters.

IMG_92211There once was a golden Griffin,

Who flew from shore to shore.

She searched the whole world over,

To find what she was looking for.

She spotted off in a distance,

A blue Mermaid in the sea.

She flew down closer,

As quiet as she could be.

As the Mermaid was swimming,

The Griffin could hear her quiet song-

It sounded quite familiar,

So she started singing along.

The Mermaid stopped her singing,

And started looking around,

Who was this voice she heard?

What was this familiar sound?

Along came a white Unicorn,

She had been on a long journey.

The Unicorn saw the Griffin,

Who flew away in a hurry!

“Come back here, Griffin,

I know who you’re searching for!”

The Griffin slowly turned,

And flew down to the shore.

“How do you know me, Unicorn?

I’ve never seen you before!”

The Unicorn smiled softly and repeated,

“I know who you’re searching for!

You’ve searched far and wide,

Flying over the mountain and the sea,

You didn’t know what you were looking for,

But who you search for is me!”

The Griffin turned her head,

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you Unicorn,

I’ve never met a Unicorn before.

I think I would remember that horn!”

They both stood there for a moment,

They could hear the Mermaid’s song.

The song was familiar to both,

So they started to sing along.

The Mermaid sprang from the water,

“A Unicorn and A Griffin! How do you do?!”

The Griffin looked at the Unicorn and asked,

“do you know her, too?”

“Of course, silly Griffin!

She’s the best blue Mermaid in the sea!”

The Mermaid then looked confused,

“How do you know me?”

“How have you both forgotten?

We knew each other a long time ago.

Sing your song Mermaid,

The song that we all know!”

So the Mermaid started singing,

and it suddenly came to their mind,

“You’re who I’ve been searching for!

You’ve been so hard to find!”

This song was written on their hearts,

So they’d never forget it’s lyrics.

It would always bring them back together,

as soon as they could hear it.

They joyfully started singing,

For they had found their best friends.

They had promised to never forget this song,

Called, “true friendship never ends.”


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