Living Out a Dream

12984072_10105128350307352_7501103431256885191_oI can’t even believe I was at a Steel Pulse show last night! I have dreamed of going to see them for years now. I’ve listened to them for at least 10 years now and, to me, seeing them is right below how incredible it would have been to see Bob Marley play. What an honor and blessing it was to be in their presence and get to dance my little heart out to their songs. I would absolutely love to relive last night.

They played a newer song called “Hands up I can’t breathe.” Being a bit of an empath I was incredibly overwhelmed by the emotions of those around me. I just had to close my eyes and soak it in, but I was incredibly thankful when the song was over just because of how overwhelming it felt. It was a powerful song, though. 

If you’ve never checked Steel Pulse out, I would suggest it. They’re like listening to rays of sunshine. Steppin’ Out, Chant a Psalm, Your House, Ravers, Wild Goose Chase, Blue Raids Dance and No More Weapons are my favorite songs by them. 

Thank God for letting me live out so many of my dreams so far in my short life.


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