Adventure Time

I’ve always been drawn to going on adventures. Especially if they are spontaneous. Whether this means traveling the country or to another country, or exploring places around me that may be “haunted” or just taking a trip to the mountains or the beach. I thrive on living out new experiences. I feel as if my life has been lacking in this aspect somewhat and I have forgotten a little bit about how important this aspect of my life is.

For my career development and counseling class, I have had to take career assessments and now I am writing a paper about the results. I had to pick ten of my highest values and I picked adventure and time freedom as two of my tops. One of the things I am going to love about being a counselor is that I will be in charge of my own schedule. Not only that, but I will actually have the funds to do some of this traveling haha.

But anyways…adventure is crucial to my happiness. So it’s come up because of this paper, but also in meeting a new friend. Saturday, as I wrote about in my previous post, I went to see one of my absolute favorite reggae bands. At this show I was with a lot of my hippie loves and some of them I had actually never met before. There was this guy that I had seen before, in fact, he hung out with me and my hippie loves the night that David sent me the Facebook message that I wrote about in previous posts (I believe I wrote about it in Hookup Culture and possibly Fate With a Twist…being too lazy to look right now, sorry!). So I had noticed him that night and thought he was pretty attractive, but we never introduced ourselves and he was dating someone at the time.

So this guy was out at the concert and he came over and introduced himself. We chatted for a long time and it was just really cool getting to know him a little bit. He’s traveled all over Europe and surfed in South America and Costa Rica (FREAKING DREAM!!!…I have to go to Costa Rica one day. It will happen). He also lived for several years in the Outer Banks, NC, which is where I lived before having to move back home, and I definitely left a piece of my heart there. It was so refreshing to meet someone with this shared love of traveling and adventure!

He asked me if I have children, and of course I said that I don’t…this apparently merited a high-five and he said he doesn’t either. He said something that I have been saying for years: I’m too selfish right now to have children. I felt so excited to meet someone with this same thought! I have said these exact same words so many times. I want to do whatever I want to do. I want to be able to be spontaneous and go on adventures whenever I want. I want time freedom. These are all things I could not do if I had children. Whenever I do have children, my life is going to change in a big way, and when it happens, hopefully I will be fully prepared. Even if I am not prepared and it’s a surprise (like my recent “pregnancy scare”), I’ll have to get prepared real fast.

It was nice connecting with someone who relates to that care-free-adventurous-side of me. I love this part of me. This part of me is very happy. My heart is full when I am traveling and experiencing new things.

I think I’m being told to go on an adventure soon. My heart and soul are ready and willing to go! Bring on the adventures! Sometimes we meet people simply for the purpose of reminding us of our passions and encourage us to pursue them and enjoy the things in life that make you truly and abundantly happy!

Don’t forget what keeps you going in life! Embrace your passions and love every aspect of what makes you, you! 



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