Adventure Time Part 2

The boy I nanny wanted to play a game today and it was called Adventuresomething…I can’t remember the other word, just Adventure…because that was the important one.

This afternoon, a friend and I went to the beach! (Yayy! First official beach day. And of course I’m burnt, because that’s what super white people do). While there, I got a message from an old friend I had met in Mexico (whom I haven’t spoken with in years), saying he’s going to Costa Rica! 

You guys.

I have to figure out where I am meant to go because clearly it is time for a trip. It has been a dream for years to go to Costa Rica, and I met that guy Saturday who told me about going and surfing there and then getting this random message from an old friend talking about going there? Perhaps Costa Rica is calling for me. 🙂



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