A Beautiful Mess

What are a pair of eyes worth when you don’t even live on earth?

You were clearly sent from above to steal all of my love.

Fly on now with my heart and my soul because I know it was your goal.

My body flies lifeless now as you toss me to the ground.

While I fell you looked into my now dead eyes, all I could hear were your cries.

You said you never meant to hurt me, but it’s become too hard to see. 

As I finally land among the trees, my tears roll down my cheek.

I can’t see you flying away anymore. Now my tears, like the rain- they pour.

My feelings are fleeting-I’m emotionless. How did my life become a beautiful mess? 

Please come visit me-if only in my dreams. Loneliness has replaced all emotions, it seems.

I long to meet you in the sky, if only you had taught me how to fly.

I close my eyes so I can see you again-my sweet angel-alien-friend.

You hurt me, but still I miss you. I wonder-do you miss me, too?







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