Alright, so, one thing about having ADHD is the super-crazy-hyper-focus mode you can get into. Generally speaking, if you have this disorder, your mind tends to not be able to focus-doesn’t matter how hard you try! However, there are exceptions. There are times that you get so sucked into something that you could literally spend hours doing it. The problem is, you never know when that’s going to happen. Say you get online and you look up some random topic-10 hours later-you’ve read about 200 articles and you’ve probably written a few yourself (slight exaggeration, perhaps, but that’s almost accurate).

So, like, for instance, I should be doing school work. I have a quiz and two assignments to finish by midnight on Sunday. What have I done all day? Look stuff up online and written blog posts. All of a sudden, it’s 2 pm. I have 2 hours left before I have to go get the boy I nanny from the bus stop.

And that part doesn’t get any easier with medication. In fact, I’ve found that it’s much worse. You can probably read more articles and write a couple more blog posts. When you get sucked in, unless you are aware and you stop yourself…you’re a goner. Bye homework. Bye A+. I’ll see ya later and then panic because you’re not done and then procrastinate some more because I’m a Virgo and I can’t stand for things to not be perfect when I turn them in. Then I panic some more because all of a sudden it’s a week late. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen all of the time. Just some of the time.

But yeah, so my friends and I always joke that when we get into this mode or when we take our meds and can all of a sudden focus, we become superwoman. Because suddenly we feel like we can do anything and everything. And we try! Until it runs out about 3-4 hours later and we’re in the middle of some random project, which kind of feels like when you’re doing something while you’re drunk and then you sober up and you’re like what the hell am I doing right now?! 

(That reminds me of this one time when I lived in the Outer Banks, NC. My roommate and I would walk to a local bar every Tuesday night. It was only like a mile away and we were both going to be drinking, so we figured we’d just walk. Well, one Tuesday night, when we left the bar at almost 10 pm, we decided we wanted frozen yogurt. But not from the chain frozen yogurt place next door…we wanted a local one that our friends owned and worked at…which was almost 6 miles away. And it closed at 11. Our drunk asses were like, “we’ve got an hour! It’s fine.” About 3 miles in…we both sober up. We also both had to pee really bad. And also, both of us were wearing painful shoes and every step was now a struggle. Obviously, we realize we’re definitely not making it to the frozen yogurt shop, we walked into a small shop to try to use the bathroom, but it was for “employees only.” Thanks, guys. We decided to call our friend, who worked at the frozen yogurt shop and ask her to come pick us up. This friend, was Russian, and had just recently gotten her license and was a pretty horrible driver. So we sit down in a driveway of a beach house that wasn’t being used at the time and wait for her to get us. She finally gets there and is so confused, but we were too embarrassed to tell her we had set out on this journey while drunk, so we just laughed it off as us being dumb and not realizing just how far away it was. On our way back home, our friend says, “Oh! Did you guys want frozen yogurt?!” And quickly turns into a ditch in front of that chain frozen yogurt shop that we had passed by earlier. We’re all screaming because what the hell is happening. Then, being embarrassed and not wanting anyone to see us, she just turns her lights off as if that made us invisible. Finally, we convince her to back up and get back on the road and take us home).

So, maybe it’s not quite like that night, but the point is, sometimes while in this Superwoman mode, you come out of it half way into a project or something and you realize your energy and focus is gone and well…good luck! 

And now it’s 2:30. Maybe I’ll go take my quiz

Hang in there Superman and Superwoman! You can always finish that project later when your powers return. 🙂


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