Adventure Time Part 3

This word Adventure will not go away. I started working for the company It Works and received a bracelet from them that says Adventure on it. Just now I saw a friend’s status that said “In serious need of an adventure!!!” Girl, me too.

I fully intend to take a cross-country road trip before the year is over. I have friends I can stay with along the way, in Kansas, Utah, California and Washington state. My friend who lives out in California has a dog here, so I may be taking her dog to her, which means she’s offering to give me gas money for the trip and of courseĀ getting to stay with her for free. Gas money would be incredible. Apparently the dog is a good traveler, so hopefully it will be a good trip! I just need to find me a good travel buddy now because I don’t like taking long treks on my own.

Alright Universe, let’s get this adventure planned!


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