Reckless Abandon

**I’m so new to blogging and I’m trying to figure out the ins and out of So I decided to check out the daily prompts. The one for today is the word Abandoned, so here it goes!**

I’ve already written some throughout my blog about dealing with abandonment from my father in posts, such as What is a “Calling?”. And when I first saw the word for the day, my mind went straight to this definition of the word abandoned. However, Abandoned can also mean reckless, uninhibited, impulsive, etc. This is the definition I want to talk about.

What does it mean to truly be reckless, uninhibited, or impulsive? It means that you do something without thinking about it. Simple as that. Well, as I have discussed multiple times throughout the blog, I am undeniably and sometimes unfortunately a Virgo. But as I talked about in the post More Self-Awareness?after further investigation of my entire astrological birth chart, I am very different from most Virgos in my need for being impulsive, spontaneous and to go on adventures. I always wondered why I didn’t fit the typical Virgo definition of not liking surprises and being spontaneous. Here’s why: while putting all my signs/planets and their placements in my birth chart together, this happens:

“Applying Sun Square Uranus
You are at your happiest when being rash and impulsive and going off at a moment’s notice to do something crazy. You thrive when life brings you a new adventure out of the blue. This tendency, however, can raise havoc with any expectation of a settled “normal” lifestyle. If you do not seek out a way of life and relationships that leave all possible options available to you, you will not feel comfortable. If you know you can leave whenever you feel like it, you probably won’t, but if you do, it won’t matter, at least to you. Any attempt, by yourself or others, to “pin you down” will cause you to react in an extreme and/or irrational fashion.” –Retrieved from

So am I into reckless abandonment? Do I have a need for it? Is that truly when I am at my happiest? If so, why? Well-I guess the why would just be because that’s who I am, it’s in my biological makeup. I don’t sit and decide, “ok…recklessness and impulsivity is going to be what truly makes me happy! Yeah, that sounds good.” After all, that would kind of kill the impulsivity, right?

A lot of people would hear the words “reckless abandon” and think that this just sounds irresponsible and immature. Should life be lived this way or should this be a part of my life that I work to change? I would say yes and yes. What I mean by that is-it’s important to find a good balance of living in the “normal world” and this “adventurous world.” 

I don’t think I have much of a problem with that though because of being such a Virgo in many other ways-my tendency to over-think, in particular. After looking some more at, I read this:

Applying Saturn Conjunct Uranus
At some level or other, your life will be filled with tension. You are aware, sometimes painfully so, of the incompatibility between your need to be responsible and practical on the one hand, and your desire to be independent and eccentric on the other. When you’re at your worst, your life is in ongoing chaos. At your best, however, you have the ability successfully to balance these needs and to organize yourself to be productive even in difficult circumstances.

This completely explains the battle inside of my mind. Yes, I am absolutely at my happiest when I am being free, independent, impulsive, etc. But there is always that voice reminding me to be responsible and practical. Sometimes it’s super important to ignore that voice and just go with the flow and whatever it is that makes you happy. There’s a time and a place for all things. The older I get, the more I am aware of when it is ok to just let go and run wild, and when it is important to stay put and deal with my responsibilities and this “normal” lifestyle. I’m working on seeing the beauty in all aspects of life and finding happiness in the people and things around me. But there’s nothing wrong with being impulsive every once in a while and going on some adventures. Life would be so boring without that. 

So here’s to finding beauty in reckless abandonment. Finding beauty in stability. Finding beauty in the people and places around you. And finding beauty in this adventure called life.