It Actually Works.

My mom has been terribly sick for so many years now. She has fibromyalgia, which causes her  to be in horrible pain for most of the day, every. single. day. She’s had this since I was in high school (over 10 years ago). Not only does she have this, but she has sleep apnea, pulmonary hypertension and I don’t even know what else, to be honest. She’s been on pain meds after pain meds-going higher and higher in her dosage.

For probably over a year, she has laid in bed, sat on the couch and watched TV, then went back to bed, napped and watched more TV. This was her life. 

Well, her Doctor can no longer prescribe such high dosages of her pain medications, in fact, he is taking her off of one of them completely. This was devastating for her. The first few days were awful. She couldn’t get out of bed, she was in such a horrible mood and would cry almost all day long because of her pain. 

Over 6 months ago a friend of mine got me to use some products that she was selling. The Greens drink that I’ve been drinking for over 6 months has changed my life! I haven’t been sick in 6 months. I made it through flu season without getting the flu. I made it through allergy season without getting sick. This cannot be for real, right?! I seriously catch everything. I never miss out on the flu and my allergies always smack me upside the head. Sinus infections are my thing. Not anymore! Anytime I start to feel like something is coming on, I double up on the Greens and it’s gone. I text my friend all the time and ask her what kind of magic do they put in this drink. BTW…hung over? Drink some Greens because they will save your day.

Anyways, so I had accidentally (though I don’t believe it was an accident anymore) ordered a product called “Relief.” Which is for pain and causes energy. She refused to try it when she was on her pain meds, so it’s just been sitting in our kitchen. Now that she was no longer able to be on these pain meds and I saw how much pain she was in, I was on a search for natural things to help her out. Essential oils, foods and drinks, vitamins, anything and everything. Then I remembered I had “Relief,” so I went and got it for her and almost immediately she felt so much better. She has been out of the house, without coming home exhausted and has so much energy! It’s as if life was breathed back into her body. (She is also using essential oils at times when she still has places on her body that is in pain, so I suggest using those and I’ll be starting her on the Greens as soon as she gets some and I buy some juice from the store because she refuses to drink it in water alone). 

Anyways, so I was already a believer in these products because of the Greens and how they’ve been helping me, but when I saw how much it helped my mom, I hit my friend up and told her I want to help sell these products. I want to help my friends, family, anyone who is in pain and/or sick.

I’m writing this so that if any of you know anyone (or you yourself) that is in constant pain and needs a healthy alternative to Big Pharma meds, please consider checking out these products! Relief and Greens and essential oils are the most helpful and I have heard that Omega-3 helps as well! My site is: If you become a Loyal Customer for 3 months (you can choose to continue after this or cancel if the products haven’t worked for you), you are able to get the products for 40% off. I wouldn’t sell these products or be sharing them with people if I did not see these results for myself.

If you have any questions, let me know! I want to help in anyway. 


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