First Guest Post Ft. Katelyn Salsado!

**Being new to the blogging scene, I had never heard of a “guest post” before. Kate and I have recently built a friendship via our blogs and connecting on Facebook! I never imagined I would gain a friend in this way. She asked me to do a guest post for her and I did just that last week! You can check it out on her blog Kate and I have lived quite different lives seeing as how I am 28, no children and currently single. Kate is a young mother to an adorable baby girl. I enjoy reading her blog because it is interesting seeing this different side of life! I hope you enjoy her post and will check her out soon!**
Thank you Kate for doing a great job and for sharing your story with us! Check out Kate’s post below:
I’ve always been a competitive person. Being new to the blogging scene, I’ve come to realize there’s A LOT of competition out there. With that being said, bare with my insecurities, as I feel there are plenty of amazing writers out there and my writing may not be up to par.

My new-found love for blogging however, has brought me to participating in new challenges, making new connections with other bloggers, and regardless of my writing ability, have made me feel happier.

After getting to know Rachel a  little deeper other than her posts on her site, I asked her to write a guest post for me. I loved her personality, her background she’s explained to me a little, her stories, and her writing skills to top it all off. After I published her post on my site she asked me to do the same and write one for her site as well.

Rachel, I want to thank you first and foremost for the opportunity of getting me to step out of my comfort zone and publicize something on your page!

Trial and Error, Young or Not

What’s it like to be 20 and have a 15 month old? Well… Let me tell you about it, and what better day then Mothers day to talk about the joys of motherhood!

I actually found out I was pregnant two years ago from yesterday. My high school sweetheart, now fiance, and I sat in our room of our first apartment straightening things up when we came across a pregnancy test under our bathroom counter. “You haven’t started your period recently have you?” My love asked. And without any suspicions or impressions whatsoever besides the fact that I was having unprotected sex and not on birth control he says, “Why don’t you just pee on it and we’ll just see”? My fiance has always had a really odd intuition of when bad or momentous events are getting ready to take place. Sooooo… In the bathroom of our first apartment I peed on the stick and within seconds of the positive sign appearing on the stick we confirmed we we’re going to be parents! At first, the life changing event was unrealistic to us that we were in fact going to be a mommy or daddy, so just to be sure we took a little trip to Walmart to double check this wasn’t a false alarm or anything. Three tests later, and three positive signs later, we should have known the results weren’t going to change, considering again we were not using any kind of protection. And to be quite frankly honest with you all, although we were young parents, and although it’s deeply frowned upon by society of having kids at such an early age and before marriage, this is what we weren’t too concerned about preventing or stopping…. We both had decent enough jobs, my fiance worked construction with a union full time, and I was working at an office in the construction industry full time. We had our own place we had good jobs and we both had reliable transportation, so our choice was, that if it happened, it happened. And if it didn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Without a care of every other opinion in the air, together we embraced the good and the bad and hopped on the journey of parenthood, because after all babies are blessings right?

I had a great pregnancy, no complications or morning sickness and if there were anything that sucked it would have definitely been the fourth trimester of discomfort and the disappointment of going 8 days past my due date in the result of induction. (The artificial start of the birth process through medical interventions or other methods).

January 22, 2015 at 3:31 PM we were blessed with a princess at 7 lbs. 10 oz. delivered naturally, (well with an epidural) who has since changed our lives forever.

Our baby girl is now 15 1/2″ months and I’ve enjoyed a lot, stressed a lot, smiled a lot, confused a lot, and learned lot in the past year and three and a half months. From the very start to the new parenthood lifestyle, we were faced with a challenge. Thank god our daughter didn’t have any MAJOR issues or disabilities such as, diabetes, cancer, autism, or epilepsy. But she did have one minor setback in her newborn phase that was very challenging for mommy and daddy. She had severe acid reflux where she would spit up everyday all day until about 5 months old, and after trying several different formulas in such a short amount of time as well as different medicines, we finally found a particular medicine that didn’t end the reflux, but controlled the pain that came with it. All the cute outfits I was so excited to put her in, yeah she never was able to wear that for more then a half hour before it was covered in spit up, and all the family and friends that wanted to hold her? Yeah they ended up covered in spit up as well. Thankfully, after getting her pain under control and finding a medicine right for her, exactly what the doctors said would happen, happened. When she started becoming mobile and crawling around the house, the reflux concluded….. And then the next chapter began……..

You see, being a parent, you are faced with so many significant choices. Choices from the minute they breathe air, to the minute they grow old enough to get out of the house and start their own lives. It’s very difficult to discern the best decision. You want what’s best for them, and as a first time parent sometimes you just don’t know. Sometimes you don’t know if you should put your child on medicine, sometimes you don’t know if you should vaccinate, some times you don’t know what is wrong with them, if they’re crying because they want something, because there gassy or colic, because they’re constipated, because they’re teething, or maybe even simply because they’ve gotten spoiled and just want to be held. Sometimes you just don’t know. It’s okay. We we’re young, and look… We’re no different then someone more aged tending to a child, it’s about trial and error, it’s about what works for you. It’s not about the neighbor lady that feeds her baby all organic food, home makes everything, and doesn’t vaccinate her child… It’s about YOUR decision, and what you think is best for YOUR child, because each individual is different. And thats why trial and erorr will be your best friend, because you may try something and it may work for you, but not the neighbor lady and her son.

Watching my daughter grow and achieve new things brings such joy into my life! The feeling of watching your offspring grow and gain personality just fills the heart with pure joy! It’s a different kind of love. Not like the kind of love you may have for your partner. Deeper then that. She grew in my tummy for 9 months, I was in pain for 17 1/2 hours to get her out, (not the full 17, but you get the gist) and have raised her ever since. The love is unconditional, it’s a wholehearted, selfless, and unrestricted love. There is no words to surmount the love I have for her, and you’ll know if and when you have one of your own. My heart is filled with joy when I see her sign “more”, and “eat”. I taught her that, I taught her to use sign language to communicate with me until she can learn to use her words. That is joy that fills my heart. I feel successful, I feel happy when I see her use the things I teach her, I feel like I’ve done something right when teaching her to use her fine motor skills.

As the time quickly flies by me, the difficult things won’t ever go away. She’s a child and she’s learning. Regardless of her growing up to be an amazing and well behaved child, or god forbid a troubled and misbehaving child, there will always be room for improvement. The difficult things in parenthood will always be there… But by doing what is right for your child you can always keep those minimal.

Personally I must say, that I feel my fiance and I are doing a great job at raising our daughter. We’re not perfect but we work together, and thats what matters. And regardless if you are a young parent or not, you can do it……. Remember, it’s about trial and error.


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