It Actually Works Part 2

I used the It Works product called Cleanse this week and it has helped me to lose 7 lbs in one week! 12 lbs to my goal!!! It feels great to detox your body! My mom went to the Dr. yesterday and since starting the product called Relief and drinking the Greens, she has lost 18 lbs! She’s been using them for less than a month! 

I also started using the wraps/the defining gel on my legs/booty lol…I’m just going to say, I got some compliments on how good my booty was looking on Friday night. The defining gel has been amazing so far! Nothing has ever worked for cellulite for me, but this product has worked SO well!! I’ve also seen it work wonders for stretch marks on my mommy friends!

I need a few more product testers by May 20th! It’s a 3-month trial (or longer if you’d like to continue and keep the discount) with my discount of 40% off all of the products!!

My site is: If you have any questions or are interested, leave a comment!

8 Days left until I need the product testers! 


5 thoughts on “It Actually Works Part 2

    1. Great! It all depends on what you are looking for exactly! I love the Greens! I’ve been taking them for several months now and haven’t had a problem with allergies or any other kind of sicknesses going around! I love the Defining Gel and Fat Fighters as well. I haven’t tried any of the skin care products yet. So yeah, it really just depends on what you are looking for! I usually suggest the Greens because of how much they have helped my mom and me. The Cleanse was fantastic this week as well! Honestly, everything I have tried has been wonderful haha.

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    1. I understand! That’s the main reason I became a distributor! It helps to be able to pay for the products! But if you’re only doing one product a month, there are some that are just $23-$33. At 6 months you get $50 worth of products for free! That’s how I got my Defining Gel!

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    2. Becoming a distributor is pretty easy! And honestly, you will probably get a whole lot of “no’s” from people, but there will be “yes’s” too. It takes a bit of time to grow, but I have several customers already and it’s been less than a month. I have an amazing team that helps SO much with knowing how to get the products out there and get customers! Totally cool if you’re not interested in becoming a distributor haha no pressure at all! Just throwing it out there because I chose to do it in order to afford more products each month! It’s a go at your own pace thing, ya know? You utilize social media more than anything. You could just spend 30 minutes to an hour a day reaching out to people! I wish I could give free products out to everyone! I know so many people who are sick right now and could benefit from the Greens! That’s why I’m trying to get samples of the Greens so that I can give them to people to try out.

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