Research and Program Evaluation

My Career Development and Counseling class is officially over (I got an A in it btw! woo!), annnd my Research and Program Evaluation class has just begun. I just gotta say that I am thankful for that A because my GPA is going to need it after this class. Lord, help me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love research. But having to conduct it myself? Nope. No, thanks.

This first week I have to pick a topic and write a proposal for it…I actually have to present 3 different topics and one will be chosen by the professor.

So far I am thinking about researching these topics: 

Does an artistic person have a higher chance of developing depression?

Are social anxiety and separation anxiety connected?

 What are the affects of exercise on the brain/mental health?

How does food affect our mental health?

Now to narrow it down to three and do a butt ton of research to see which ones actually need further researching, but also have enough research for me to have plenty of sources to pull from.

I also have to watch a video and do a discussion board post on it and reply to two classmate’s posts. I’ve already finished two assignments. This is the first week of this class. This class is basically going to be all I do for 8 weeks.

Well…here we go! Challenge accepted, bitches! 



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