You Know You Gotta Chill When…

…one of your best friends texts you out of the blue, “I don’t wanna be your mom or whatever but you probably need to take it easy lmao. Are you getting wild or what? Lmao girl are you turning up all the time?” I love my Jay. He’s one of the best people I know. 

He texted this because I went to a party over the weekend with Andrew. I got to his friend’s house after 12 am…stayed there until 9:30 am. I didn’t actually “party” as in drinking my brains out all night though. So…even though it may have appeared that I was getting wild and crazy, I was mostly chillin’ and making new friends, dancing and playing games without taking shots. No one actually got that drunk…we just didn’t ever stop hanging out until we literally couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

I learned after the weekend before last (which I wrote about here) that I didn’t quite know my limits as well as I thought I did. While recapping some of the night with Meg, I found out that the two guys I had been talking to outside on the back patio had come up and sat with my drunk ass while she and Andrew were both away from me. I had no idea she wasn’t with me the whole time. She said she came back and saw them sitting with me and she thought, “I can’t leave you alone for two seconds!” After she came back is when Andrew showed up and took me away from the guys to go inside and dance. Once inside, I was given another drink then went off to the bathroom by myself. What I remembered happening in the bathroom was, I walked in there, sat down in the stall, laid my head against the wall for two seconds and then almost immediately there were 3-4 girls standing outside my stall asking me if I was ok or if I needed help. I was so confused because I had just been out there dancing and having a good time with Andrew and Meg and I felt fine. I was just in the stall for like two seconds, why were these girls so concerned about me? Then when I opened the stall door they were asking me again if I was ok and then they pointed to a bouncer that was in the bathroom telling me I had to leave. He actually came into the bathroom to tell me I had to leave. All of a sudden I didn’t feel “ok” anymore.

I didn’t realize I had actually been in the stall-sleeping-for about 10 minutes. I just found this out when I was recapping with Meg the other day. I asked her how long I had been in there and she said at least through two songs. She said that she looked at Andrew and said “where’s Rae?! She never came back!” Then he pulled out his phone and the girls who had my phone were calling him. Meg said he looked at her and said “go to the bathroom-now!” That’s when she came to the bathroom and found me on the floor hugging the toilet. Not cool. I barely remember the walk to the car, but I do remember us walking past policemen and them asking Andrew and Meg if they needed help.

I could have gotten arrested for being drunk in public. 

Then Meg takes me to Andrew’s house because she said that I couldn’t go home like that.   Andrew then helped me into his house and into his room and we had sloppy drunk sex…

I’d say I learned a thing or two from that night. 

Between me sitting outside by myself-wasted-and a couple of guys sitting down and flirting with me-not realizing I was alone…and then me going to the bathroom by myself-falling asleep in the stall-and a big bouncer dude coming in the bathroom to tell me to leave, I’ve kind of had a wake up call.

So many things could have happened to me that night.

It’s so important to know your limits. Don’t ever think nothing bad will ever happen to you-even if you are with friends you can trust-they aren’t your babysitters-so don’t expect them to babysit you. 



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