Spirit Connections?

Have you ever met someone and when you looked into their eyes you knew-I’ve met this person before. “Do I know you?” You may ask, or, “have I met you before?” You may feel like it’s true-you’ve met them at a party or have seen them in a restaurant before, so you recognize their face, but you just can’t figure it out. But somehow, you know it’s deeper than that. You’re drawn to this being-but you have no idea why.

Weird, right? 

Do you believe you have a soul? A spirit?

What if…somewhere...your spirit had met another spirit before and then when you meet this person-this body, your spirits recognize each other? And they’re just poking you guys in your brains, doing a little dance and celebrating that you’ve finally seen each other again? 

One of my best friends told me one time that our spirits were soul mates. At first, I was like what? What does that even mean? Usually people say, “we’re soul mates,” but to say, “our spirits are soul mates,” is pretty beautiful. 

You know how people say that we’ll look different in heaven, but our spirits will recognize each other? What if that already happens? These bodies are just a holding place for now-a temple.

I believe I have a spirit. When I was two/three years old-I had an out-of-body experience. The first one I remember is when I had a night terror. I remember walking out of my room and down the hall-looking to the left to see my brother’s baby picture hanging out the wall-next thing I remember is seeing myself-my body standing at the end of my brother’s bed-screaming. I saw my parents in the doorway, my dad in his white boxers and white t-shirt, my mom standing behind him and my brother sitting up with the most confused look on his face. I remember seeing my dad start to run to me and my mom holding him back and saying, “you’re not supposed to mess with them when they’re having a night terror,” so he stopped himself from running over to me. That’s all I remember. But it was as if I was floating up on the ceiling-looking down on it all. My mom confirmed that all of those things happened exactly as I said. Only thing that could make sense to me is that my spirit was out of my body at that time. Weird-I know. I don’t understand it and I’ve tried searching “out of body experiences,” to see if there have been scientific studies done on this, but I haven’t found very much.

Anyways…so…I don’t have answers for all of this. I don’t understand much of it-but I’m ok with that.

What a beautiful thing it is to have a spiritual connection with someone. 


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