Let’s Be Those Girls Again

Who is that girl?

That girl is the one who shames the other girl.

That girl is the one who is jealous of the other girl.

That girl is the one who doesn’t stick up for the other girl.

That girl is the one who makes the other girl feel like a whore.

Who is the other girl?

The other girl had to become her at some point.

The other girl may want to change but you won’t let her.

The other girl has the right to do what she wants with her body.

The other girl doesn’t always want the attention she gets.

The difference between the two is that the other girl has been in your shoes

But you have never lived in hers.

I was once that girl, too.

Then one day I became the other girl

And now you tell me I am a whore.

You body-shame me because of the unsolicited attention I receive from the boy you like.

I know that pain, too-

And I would never wish that on you.

I can’t go back to being that girl-

And I wish I had never been her.

I know it’s hard to understand the other girl

But that’s okay-you don’t have to

She doesn’t need you to understand

She just needs you to love her.

We were all little girls once-

We played dress up together and dreamt of being grown-ups.

We loved each other

And we made promises to be best friends forever.

Let’s look through the eyes of those little girls again-

Those little eyes that don’t see that girl or the other girl

They just see their friends

Their friends who are dreaming of the future-

Their friends whom they love and who love them in return.

Let’s be those girls again.


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