2016: Year of Transformations.

2016 has rocked my world in so many ways. 

At the beginning of the year, I looked at the astrological report for Virgo for 2016. It talked a whole lot about changes, transformations, new experiences, spiritual experiences and an enhanced desire for excitement and adventure.

I wondered how this would play out in my life…if it even would. I pay attention to the astrological reports, but I know that some people will feel the impact from specific areas that others may not, so I just see what happens.

One of my best friends and I constantly said that 2016 was going to be our year. 2015 was a fantastic year overall and began this whole transformation thing, but 2016 was going to be the real kicker. Boy were we right. I wasn’t quite prepared for the adventure it has been, but I knew it was going to happen and I know it’s only going to continue.

I have more confidence in myself (most days) than I ever have. I’ve had some new sexual experiences and my first pregnancy scare. I’ve partied just about every weekend, some way more than others. I’ve reconnected with old friends in huge and surprising ways. I’ve made new friends. I’ve seen my mom go from only laying in bed or sitting on a couch all day-hardly ever leaving the house-only eating sugary things-no energy to going out a whole lot, full of life again and eating healthy for the first time and actually sticking with it. I’ve had some spiritual ups and downs and I’m still a little bit up in the air with how I am feeling and what not in that area of my life. I’ve learned so much about my true motivations behind my actions. Sometimes the things I’ve realized about myself have been surprising and a little uncomfortable at times. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve been told over and over by several friends how I’m being reckless, they’re worried about me, I’m not myself, I deserve the shit that has happened because of the mistakes I make. I’ve traveled and reconnected with friends and family. I’m sure there are so many other things to mention right here, but I’m going to move on for a minute.

I don’t know what it is exactly that I am meant to be embracing right now, but I know there is some type of change/transformation that is either already happening or about to happen. I’m not sure if that means me moving away is a thing I need to do, because it is something I have considered several times. Or perhaps it is that I am meant to get a job and move into this apartment with an old best friend I have reconnected with who is about to go through a divorce. “Should I stay or should I go now?!…” Great…now that’s going to be stuck in my head.

When I got home from my trips to Tenn./N.C., I was quite bored. I suddenly realized that I really needed to find something to do with my time…and I need money…so…ya know, a job, maybe? My last class was super intense and there’s no way I would have passed with a B had I been working, so I am glad that I did not have a job during that time. This class hasn’t been near as bad, so I haven’t been spending 5-10 hours every single day sitting in the library or random coffee shops. So…one of my hippie friends has a job as a behavioral technician at a school for autism. She loves it there so much and one day I just felt like I should message her and see if she happened to know of any positions they are hiring for…she wrote me back immediately and said that there are actually several openings. Oh. Ok…so…maybe that’s actually a thing?

I tweaked my resume and cover letter to fit the job and sent it in earlier today. I’m quite nervous and still slightly unsure about this. What if it’s crazy stressful? What if the hours are just too long and I’m too tired to get school work done and my grades start slipping?

What if…what if…what if? blah bah blah. I’m working on the whole over-thinking thing…

I just keep stopping and reminding myself that it’s ok if I don’t get the job. It’s ok if I decide I definitely don’t want to do that. No one is forcing me to do this and if the job ends up being way too crazy stressful and my grades start slipping, there are options…I won’t be stuck…my entire life won’t go to shit because of this one decision…well, I would sure hope not. I guess you never really know what could happen. Life likes the surprise the shit out of you sometimes…ok…back to the positivity.

The other day, I was out catching Pokemon…yes, I do that, no need to judge…it’s pretty fun, actually. (Side Note! I’ve gotten several free things, discounts, and met some pretty freaking cute nerds because of this game, so…I’m just saying…). Damn it…what was I going to say about the other day while catching Pokemon. Jeez louise…OH! So I was walking around this huge-ass fountain we have here and butterflies and especially dragon flies were following me everywhere…Not only around the fountain, but even when I got home I saw a few. I mentioned this to my aunt, because it made me think of her, and she told me to look into spirit animals and what not and that both of those are representative of transformations/changes. I got chills. I took this quiz thing on what my spirit animal is and got butterfly haha…so…there’s that.

Alright, 2016. It’s almost Virgo season. Not quite sure what to expect for the rest of the year, but I’m hoping for some pretty good things.

Here’s to transformations and embracing the rest of 2016!



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