Keep the Faith.

The 12th of August-one of my favorite bands (ska band) named Jackmove reunited for the 10 year anniversary of their first album 50/50 (Check them out on Facebook!). I cannot explain to you how happy this night was for me-better than any high or any drunken nights-better than sex. Are there bands that literally make you feel high? Because I have a few of those and this is definitely one of them.

My friends Todd, Jane and I used to go see them play all the time…from about ages 19-22. We always took our younger friends and youth group kids to the shows…I swear we were the very worst “youth leaders…” What an interesting time in our lives…I definitely have many stories from that time period. Anyways, so Jane‘s younger brother, Sean and his best friend/my “little brother,” Joe were always with us at the shows. Sean had an Afro that was half blonde, half black and Joe had a Mohawk, wore studded vests with patches and boots…they were our little punk/ska brothers. Amy taught me how to “skank” and introduced me to this world of punk/ska/”skin head” culture. Ska is so interesting because the colors associated with them are black and white…it started off made up of bands with both black and white musicians and they sang a lot about Rude boys and skin heads. If you’re into the ska culture-you’re going to be a part of the S.H.A.R.P.s (skin head’s against racial prejudice) or just supportive of racial unity. Ska was actually kind of the father of reggae-in fact, Bob Marley started off as a Ska musician and you can find those songs on YouTube it’s awesome and super weird.

Sean is now married with a kid, he’s a manager of a cigar shop, has short hair and a “daddy’s belly…” Hah. Joe is also married and has a kid and is now a youth leader at a church in North Carolina and still dresses a bit like a punk-minus the Mohawk and studded vests. Todd and Jane also have a 5 year old now.

So-here we all are-back together-all in very different places in our lives-listening to this band that took us all back to those old days for a few hours. We skanked all night long-fell on the sweat and beer filled floor-screamed our heads off-forgot all of our “adult” lives and just lived like it was 2006 again. As soon as that band got on stage-tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t even help it. I have so much love for these people-my family. This band has no idea the amount of happiness they brought us. The lead singer/guitarist said he was wearing sunglasses because he was “sweating from his eyes…” Haha. It was emotional for them as well. The energy was indescribable.

During the show-Jackmove introduced two new songs and announced that they decided to play another show in November-this was supposed to be the last time they would play…but as soon as they introduced a new song-we all knew…they’re back. Everyone screamed their heads off and looked around at each other with huge smiles on our faces.

We all bought special outfits for the show hah because we’re a bunch of freaking nerds. I wore a black miniskirt, black and white shirt, leggings that had a ripped up look to them and a pair of high top chucks. Todd wore brand new boots and Jane wore the same skirt with regular tights a cut up Rancid shirt and a pair of chucks. Seriously-we’re a bunch of nerds who wanted to relive those ska/punk days. We brought a few other friends with us and introduced them to this world.

I felt so free. I danced so hard all night-got 30,000 steps on my Fitbit haha…I sang out and kept a smile on my face the entire time…plus a few tears.

How does music have such a powerful affect on people? We’re all older now…but here we were-skanking and moshing (I didn’t mosh…I got knocked over by some moshers hah, but I did my best to not participate in that). For those few hours-we were all teenagers/early 20s again and just starting our lives. This music took us right back.

There were no longer any skin heads at the show. No longer anyone with Mohawks or liberty spikes. No more punks. We were all different now. Grown ups with families/careers. Grown ups who-when they fell on the ground-stayed down a little longer and hurt a little more.

Saturday night I checked Facebook and saw an announcement from the band that they were asked to cover for a band at the East Coast Surfing Competition. They said “calling all fuckers! Jackmove has been asked to cover for a band at the ECSC! Free show! Be there!” So I screenshotted that shit and sent it to everyone. There was our Saturday night plan. Everyone hurried to find babysitters and work it out so that we could go support and enjoy this band again.

we all lived on cloud 9 again for few more hours.

We’ve also added the band members on Facebook and write them/they recognized us/said hi to us during the show.

At the Beach, you aren’t allowed to cuss-you get a ticket and have to pay a fine. So the band had to censor themselves and they mentioned that they couldn’t sing certain words, so Todd yelled that we would sing them for them, and we sure did. The beginning of one of all of our favorite songs says “if you mess with the bull-you’ll get struck with the mother fuckin horns, bitch. Aw shit.” Lol. Later it says,“Jeepers creepers give me your mother fuckin sneakers.” So we all sang those parts to the top of our lungs…the band smiled and laughed so hard and appreciated our efforts. Eventually they said “fuck it” and just started singing their songs uncensored.

The stage was actually on the beach, so we were all in the sand. Needless to say-skanking was hard. But still really fun, of course.

Someone got a video of all of us skanking and we looked like children-actual children-trying to skank in that sand haha.

This band has truly brought a deep happiness into our lives again. They’ve helped to make 2016 a much happier year and brought people back together.

Music is powerful. It’s amazing to me just how much power it has. It can trigger memories-it can bring us happiness-bring people back together-remind us of the love we share-make you forget the struggles of life for a few hours. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

also-I seriously have fan girl moments and just want to jump their bones at least once hahaha…just saying. The leader liked a photo I posted the other day and I took a screenshot and sent it to my girl friends and said “uhm, yes, he did just like my photo #fangirlstatus haha” and then I noticed they were all suddenly friends with him on Facebook as well…fan girls, ya know?! Hah.

So…what takes you back to these kind of times? what are the times you would love to go back to for a few hours and why? Perhaps you’re living in those times right now. Perhaps you are the happiest you have ever been-right now. Make them count-live these days out as hard as you can. No matter what place you are in life-live it to its fullest potential-if that means needing something to take you back a few years to remember how to live-do it. Don’t let the day to day struggles take/keep you off course.

Jackmove always end their shows yelling “keep the faith!” It’s a good reminder to keep going-Stay strong-Remember who you are-Keep The Faith.


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