What a Year

I didn’t realize just how crazy 2016 was for…literally everyone

At least until a couple months ago when I noticed all of the memes about how terrible 2016 has been, and these memes were coming from many more people than just the people I knew had a sucky year…

This year…there were SO many planets in retrograde…several were in retro at the same time…and Mercury was even in retrograde more times than usual. No wonder we were all kind of fucked up at times.

I wrote many times throughout this blog about personal transformation. Ever since the beginning of the year I started noticing recurring numbers and read my weekly/monthly horoscopes (from reliable sources, of course…not the shitty sites that just make shit up, ya know?)…I had so many ups and downs. So many hardships in relationships. So many new experiences-some good, some not so good. I made “mistakes” as some would say-some would also call them “lessons,” or whatever similar cliche. They were just experiences…they were a part of my transformation.

My relationship with my best friend, Jane, was very strained throughout the summer. When I hooked up with Andrew, actually. She was disappointed-she was scared-she felt alone in her spiritual life. I’m different, and that’s not easy to accept, and I understand that. We worked things out, and transformed our relationship. We’re way more open with each other, and are closer than ever before. Sometimes it’s still not easy…especially recently because I have made, what she would call “mistakes,” with a couple different guys. I’ve been hooking up with Andrew, which I’m actually hoping she doesn’t know about, but I’m not completely sure. I started making out and messing around with another one of our friends (that’s kind of ended), and I met a new guy, who I have already slept with (best sex of my entire life-holy shit). 

Anyways…I’ve been hurt-I’ve learned-I’ve grown, and I’m thankful for it. 2016 has been some shit, but also one of the best years. Weirdest year of my life, but also the most transformative.

I applied for a job as a psychiatric technician at a local behavioral center/hospital and even though I wouldn’t usually have gotten that job because of my lack of experience, I was given the chance and have been there since November 14th. It’s been the best “job” I have ever had. I’ve learned SO much through the experiences I’ve had there so far. It’s amazing how much I have learned in less than 2 months. I was also taking a class that was about assessment and diagnosing patients, which is exactly what I have been doing at work, and many of my case studies for my class had diagnoses that my patients have. I’ll have to write a post soon to share some of my stories. Because holy shit there are so many already. 

Yesterday I was talking to Todd and Jane came up and he said that she worries about me. He said, “she just wants you to love God.” That’s the reason I didn’t want to tell her that I’ve done anything with anyone…I don’t want things the way they were. It’s amazing that someone can assume I “don’t love God” just because I’ve slept with some guys. Apparently that’s the “unforgivable sin” haha…No. But I told Todd that things have gotten better in that way with Jane. I don’t want to go backwards, so I am choosing the believe that we are still moving forward and to trust her.


There are so many things I can write about that I haven’t written about the past few months…mostly because life has just been so busy…between working, school, social life and sleeping (haha) I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write. I hate that because it’s been such a beneficial way for me to process my year, but when I needed it the very most I was able to, so I’m thankful for that.

I hesitate to say anything about this new year…I don’t want to have any “expectations” and I’m not going to say that it’s going to be my year like I did about 2016 because…well…ya know.

But…I am hoping for the best..not only for myself, but for literally everyone. 

Happy 2017, everyone! Cheers to more love, more kindness, more joy and more fun adventures.


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