The Flower Called Romance

I gave you a chance,

I followed your dance,

Straight down the hallway past romance.

As I walked by the shower,

I saw a single flower,

It gave me a wink, and said, “fight the power.”

“What power?” I thought.

Then I was shot,

By a loveless robot.

Jokes on him-I can’t die.

How could I?

I’m already half-dead inside.

What is love good for anyways?

No one seems to know now-a-days.

Passed the flower again and it looked at me sideways.

I turned and walked back.

“Why did you look at me like that?”I asked.

Then the flower took off its mask.

“I am love. I am romance. I am all the things you won’t get.”

When did flowers start talking such shit?

Love…what does a flower know about it?

He walked me to the door.

“tell me when you make it home?” he implored.

I suddenly felt like a cheap whore.

I gave up love for sex.

What the hell will I do next?

That’s impulsion at its best.




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