The Saint Loves the Sinner

God it hurts so bad-

to lose the one you wish you had.

You gave me all of your pretend love-

called me your angel from above.

I was a Saint and you were my hell-

you shoved me back into my shell.

You promised you’d hurt me-

I just had to wait and see.

You weren’t lying-

this angel now feels like she’s dying.

One week passed and there she is-

kissing the lips I used to kiss.

Is she better than me?

Did I become too boring?

Does she make you feel the way that I used to?

Do you love the way that she moves?

You took another piece of my already broken heart-

you knew you would from the very start.

Just like the loser envies the winner-

the Saint always falls for the Sinner.


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