An Owl’s Song

I walked outside one summer night,

nothing and no one in my sight.

I heard an old owl singing softly,

I cried “my love is singing to me.”

When we were young, he sang that song,

I’d close my eyes and sing along.

I used to think he was just a silly boy,

but then his song filled my heart with joy.

We built a life together through the years,

we overcame many sorrows and fears.

Though sometimes it seemed hard to sing,

you somehow always found the strength.

We’re no longer young kids in “puppy love,”

now you sing me your song from up above.

When I heard that ol’ owl singing,

I felt myself start beaming-

with the smile you always put on my face,

And it filled my heart with a warm embrace.

Keep singing to me, love of mine,

For one day, your spirit, mine will find.

I know we will sing together again,

I’ll keep our memories close to my heart, until then.


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