The Deceiver Named Depression

It’s the silent killer you don’t expect to meet.

It tells you you’re worthless and you don’t mean a thing.

It walks you down the path of darkness,

And it makes you feel:




“Why even try?” It will ask.

Then it hands you your “fake-smile” mask.

It tells you that no one cares…

No one even notices you’re there…

It whispers:

“Just take that knife…”

“Just take your life…”

“Just. Give. Up.”

Do you see the love in your lover’s eyes?

Do you hear the pain when she cries?

It claims “it’s all a disguise-”

And it continues to plan your demise.

You feel trapped-

Like there’s no way back.

You’ve walked so far into the darkness you can’t even see the light.

There’s no love, no hope, no pleasure in sight.

All around you is emptiness.

You keep walking into the abyss.

It tells you that “this is your only bliss…

It’s not like you’ll be missed.”

It no longer whispers-it screams:

“Just take that knife!”

“Just take your life!”


So what do you choose?

Can you see the faces of those who love you?

What do you do?

Can you understand how those people matter, too?

“It” doesn’t make that choice-

“It” doesn’t actually have a voice.

You can find the strength inside-

You can have the will to survive.

So what do you choose?

It’s up to you.


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